Kick Your Weeds to the Curb

Find a weed control service in the greater St. Cloud area

If you think two or three weeds are no big deal, think again. Each crabgrass plant can release thousands of seeds, reducing your lawn to a browned, matted mess in weeks. Protect your lawn from invaders by calling Total Lawn Care Inc. We offer an aggressive weed control regimen, targeting pests and weeds. Our preventive weed control service includes core aeration in the spring and fall.

Learn about your weed control options by calling our Cold Spring, Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud & Sartell, MN location today.

Call Total Lawn Care for pest and weed control

Call Total Lawn Care for pest and weed control

Our weed control service focuses on Cold Spring, St. Cloud & Sartell, MN's greatest threats to a healthy lawn:

  • Weeds: Hoarding nutrients and starving your grass
  • Grubs: Feeding on grass roots and destroying your lawn
  • Crabgrass: Taking over your lawn and leaving grass to wither

Don't let weeds and pests destroy your lush, green lawn. Call 320-685-4131 today to start your weed control program.