Insect Control

Why we stress insect control services in the greater St. Cloud area

Total Lawn Care offers a variety of insect controls for your property. If you need help with any of the below insect problems, just call us with questions or to set up a treatment program.


Mosquito Control

We offer a multi-faceted mosquito control application with results lasting up to 2 months per application. The application works by killing the mosquitoes on contact and by interfering with their ability to reproduce. We can do one time applications upon request in advance of a special gathering you are planning, or set up a season-long program so that you can enjoy your lawn all through the year.


Ant/Tick & Spider Control

This application is for controlling ant, tick & spider populations in your lawn. High ant populations -besides being a nuisance can cause root damage to your turf. Decreasing the population of disease-carrying ticks is also a result of this application.

grub worm

Grub Worm Control

We offer a preventive grub worm application in June. This is guaranteed to protect your lawn from grub worms for the entire season. Grub worms feed on the roots of your lawn, which can result in large chunks of the turf being killed off if left untreated. If you have grub activity/damage show up in your lawn in late summer or fall because you didn't treat them preventively, we can apply a Rescue Grub worm treatment to limit the damage to your turf.

emerald ash borer beetle

The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive beetle that targets and kills Ash trees. It has now made it's way to Central Minnesota and in the coming years is expected to ravage the Ash tree population. If you have Ash trees on your property that you'd like to protect and avoid having to have professionally removed in the future, let us know and in one application we can guarantee 2 years of protection for your Ash trees.