Protect Your Trees From Emerald Ash Borers

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Why do we include tree care in our preventive lawn maintenance service? If you live in Cold Spring, Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud & Sartell, MN, you've seen the tiny jewel beetles known as emerald ash borers. The larvae feed on bark, eventually killing the tree. Total Lawn Care Inc. offers preventive treatment that protects trees from these pests.

Tell emerald ash borers your yard is off-limits by signing up for our lawn maintenance service.

3 reasons to choose our lawn maintenance service

3 reasons to choose our lawn maintenance service

There are a few reasons Total Lawn Care stands out from the competition. Our lawn maintenance team:

  1. Stops problems from starting: By the time you see a problem, the damage has been done.
  2. Tailors treatment to your yard: Total Lawn Care stays up to date on the diseases affecting local plant and tree life.
  3. Takes care of your entire landscape: We protect all of your trees and plants from disease.

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